Job Boards are Still Popular and Here’s Why

by Ron Stewart

There are a multitude of different job searching techniques and platforms, but job boards are still the top source of quality hires. Since job boards came into existence in back when the internet first launched, they have been a popular platform for job seekers and that’s not changed. Job boards are evolving in line with new technologies and the current demands of job seekers. Niche job boards make industry specific job searches easier and career hubs, which offer a more comprehensive set of resources for job seekers, are emerging.

Jobs Boards Have Improved User Experience

Some critics thought that technological advancements were going to outpace job boards, but while some job boards may have been left behind, others have flourished and seen significant growth. Today’s successful job boards have updated their design and interface to focus on user- friendliness.

Searching for Jobs is Better and Faster

Advanced search functions and filters have improved too. Job board searches are now able to produce more relevant job listings and have decreased search time for users. GPS information can also be used to automatically narrow search results by the area where a job searcher is based, showing them on local job listings.

Online Job Applications are Simpler

Making a job application through an online job board is more straightforward than ever, often including easy upload forms for CVs and other documents or allowing users to import their CV from LinkedIn. With an increasing number of job searchers using mobile, many online applications have “bookmark job” and “save draft” functions so that users can compile a list of jobs to apply to later, or pause an application to finish off on desktop.

Social Media Popularity Supports Job Boards

Social media has had a massive impact on the way we use the internet and is even a source of finding out about new job opportunities. While there is a small amount of job recruitment which is based entirely on social media platforms, more often social media is used to share job adverts that link back to a job board or listing, directing traffic to the job board’s website. Hashtags can also be used to reach specific audiences and target relevant job searchers.

Job Boards Reach More Applicants

Job boards do all the hard work for you. Unlike company websites which have many different functions, job boards are targeted towards an audience who are actively searching out job opportunities. Job boards can massively increase the visibility of a company’s job vacancies and reach more potential applicants. Online job boards are especially helpful for companies with low traffic websites and those who are not using SEO to target job seekers.

Job Boards Give Employers More Control

While recruitment agencies may edit candidate CVs to meet the job criteria, job boards cut out the middleman and allow employers to access all of the information that an applicant submits. By having access to all of the details about a candidate, employers can make a more informed decision about which candidates would fit in best at their company and who to invite to an interview.

Author Bio: Ron Stewart has worked in the recruitment industry for 30 years, having owned companies in the IT, Construction and Medical sectors. He is currently running the Jobs4Group, including Jobs4Medical.

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Job board searches are now able to produce more relevant job listings and have decreased search time for users.

Job boards do all the hard work for you.


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